What is Senryu Circle About?

Well, there are groups for every type of poetry, and many for all of the related Japanese forms. Senryu usually is seen as the ‘poor cousin’ of haiku.This site and its related efforts on Social Media is meant to correct that impression and bring senryu into the light again as a poetic effort that stands on its own!

The idea to develop places where senryu poets can gather and learn together is the result of some brain storming by Alan Pizzarelli, Alexis Rotella, Brent Goodman, Donna Beaver, and Mike Rehling at the most recent HNA meeting in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

We hope that we further an understading of senryu by attracting and interacting with senryu poets the world over. We will be on most Social Media platforms, and provide podcasts, senryu contests, and discussions of senryu with some of the most articulate and respected sources of wisdom on the form.

It is important too that we promote the work of others in journals, books, and online who write and expound on senryu. If you have any ideas use the Contact form on this site.

Also, please FOLLOW this site in WordPress! You will be notified of any new postings in that way.

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